FAILTE stands for Facilitating Access to Information on Learning Technology for Engineers.

FAILTE is the gaelic word for WELCOME, and is pronounced something like 'fawl-sha'.


Please contact Phil Barker, if you require further information on FAILTE.



FAILTE aims to provide a unified approach to the description and cataloguing of electronic learning resources for engineering. We are building an internet resource catalogue and other services which we hope will help lecturers select and access suitable computer- and web-based learning materials for their courses.

SearchLT, the service we are developing is available at, but pleased be warned that this is a work in progress, and will improve with time. You can also access SearchLT via the EEVL engineering website

Also Available

About the Project
Further information about the FAILTE project, including what we are doing, how we are approaching the task and who is involved.

Full project plan, reports and papers produced as part of the project.

Contact details for members of the team and links to their own websites.

Other websites relevant to the work of the FAILTE project.





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