FAILTE stands for Facilitating Access to Information on Learning Technology for Engineers.

FAILTE is the gaelic word for WELCOME, and is pronounced something like 'fawl-sha'.


Please contact Phil Barker, if you require further information on FAILTE.


FAILTE has been funded to provide a unified approach to the description and cataloguing of electronic learning resources for engineering. The aim is to provide a service which will allow lecturers to select and access computer- and web-based learning materials suited to their students' needs.

FAILTE is a partnership of three UK HE projects which between them have expertise in the fields of web-based resource discovery, teaching and learning and evaluation of computer based learning materials as applied to engineering.

Activities and Deliverables

FAILTE is working to provide Engineering lecturers with a database and related services that will allow them to identify computer based resources suitable for their courses. Links will be provided to independently produced reviews and other information to help them choose the most suitable of these resources. Links will also provide access the resource (if it is web-based), or to the webpage of the provider of that resource. Access to this service will be offered as a fully integrated part of EEVL and LTSN-Engineering (see below).

A full description of the workplan can be found in the project plan in the documents section of this web site, and progress so far is described in the development section. What follows is a brief overview of approach we are taking.

The work is divided into four phases: Specification, Drafting, Reviewing, and Roll-Out.

Phase 1: Specification

During the Specification phase, which ran from August 2000 to November 2000, the system design was drafted and the software tools to create the database were chosen. Also the slections policy for how resources for cataloguing are chosen and the elements of the draft description scheme were agreed. Reports of decisions made constitute the main deliverable of this phase and are available.

Phase 2: Drafting

The first draft of the database will be implemented and a limited number of resources described, selected and, in the latter part of this phase, entered into the draft database. The draft database will be available for testing from Feb 2001, although data input will be available from the end of December 2000.

Phase 3: Reviewing

The draft version of the database will be used to test and review the specification and implementation of the software and resource description between March and June 2001.

Phase 4: Roll-Out

Starting from the completion of the database development in June 2001, the main content will be added to the database and outreach activies will focus on promoting its use. We shall also produce reports to facilitate the development of similar services in other subject areas.



FAILTE is a partnership between the Institute for Computer-Based Learning and the Library at Heriot Watt University and the faculty of Engineering at Loughborough University. These represent between them:

The Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library: the UK gateway to quality engineering information on the internet. (EEVL home page)
Evaluative and Advisory Support to Encourage Innovative Teaching in Engineering (EASEIT-Eng home page)
The Learning and Teaching Support Network subject centre for Engineering (LTSN-Eng home page)

Funding: JISC, the RDN and the DNER

FAILTE is funded by the UK HE's Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) via a call for bids to "Enhance the Distributed National Electronic Resource (DNER) for Teaching and Learning".


Please contact Phil Barker, if you require further information on FAILTE


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