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This describes version 1.2 of the set of metadata elements for the FAILTE database, describing the elements that have been chosen, comparing them to existing metadata schemas and standards and giving instructions on how it is intended that the metadata will be recorded in the FAILTE database.

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html icon Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Selection of resources
  3. Overview of FAILTE elements
  4. Using the FAILTE metadata elements
    1. General elements

    2. Record ID
    3. Title
    4. Alternative titles
    5. Subject classification
    6. Main URL
    7. Secondary URLs
    8. Description
    9. Rights: Cost of the resource
    10. Rights: Conditions of use
    11. Awards
    12. Language
    13. Reference
    14. Version
    15. Date of publication
    16. Date modified element
    17. The medium of the resource
    18. Technical Requirements
    19. Relationship between resources
    20. Country of Origin
    21. Catalogue
    22. Contacts
    23. Educational elements

    24. Resource type
    25. Educational Description
    26. Educational level
    27. Time to use the resource
    28. Interactivity type
    29. Intended end user role
    30. Tutor support documentation
    31. Meta-metadata Elements

    32. Record contributors
    33. Record validator
    34. Date record entered
    35. Date to be reviewed
    36. Date last reviewed
    37. Date last modified
    38. Language of metadata
    39. Decision



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