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EEVL, for Engineering information on the internet.

LTSN Engineering, for learning and teaching support.

CETIS metadata group, for information on metadata in Higher Education.


The following websites are relevant to the FAILTE project and its work.

Project Partners

ICBL : Institute for Computer Based Learning.
Based at Heriot Watt University's department of computing and electrical engineering, ICBL is the lead site of the consortium and has a long history in the support of Learning Technology in Higher Education.

LTSN Engineering : Learning and Teaching Support Network Centre for Engineering.
Based in the faculty of engineering at Loughborough University, LTSN Engineering is the national support centre for all areas of teaching and learning in HE Engineering in the UK.

EEVL : The Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing.
Based in the Library at Heriot Watt University, EEVL are part of the JISC Resource Discovery Network offering the ability to search for web-based engineering information resources.

EASEIT-Eng : Evaluative & Advisory Service to Encourage Innovative Teaching in Engineering.
Based in the faculty of engineering at Loughborough University, EASEIT-Eng is a project which evaluates computer based learning resources for Engineering to produce reviews and case studies of how they are used.

Related Projects

CETIS Metadata Special Interest Group.
Based at LTSN Engineering, this group is looking at the way metadata is being used in UK HE and FE. The website provides many links to further resources.

Other projects funded from the same source which are aimed at improving access to JISC resources in support of teaching and learning.

Funders etc.

JISC : Joint Information Systems Committee.
Jisc funds and promotes the use of IT in UK further and higher education. FAILTE is funded by JISC.

DNER : Distributed National Electronic Resource.
The DNER is the name given to the JISCs collection of data resources and the means of accessing them. FAILTE is funded through a programme to enhance the DNER for teaching adn learning.


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